Discover the hidden side of the iceberg with Adecco testing & assessment!

A CV already tells you a lot about the candidates' academic background and experience. Then, the various interviews give you a clearer idea of their talents, but only an assessment combining several steps (skills assessment interview, personality questionnaire and practical exercises) allows you to get the full picture.


Without this testing or assessment process, you only see the tip of the iceberg. It is then impossible to objectively assess which job is suitable for a particular person, let alone discover the many hidden talents.



Our tests and assessments can clearly highlight the strengths or interesting details of the candidate's personality and ensure that the candidate has the right skills to meet the specific expectations of your company and the position in question.



In the recruitment phase, through tests, personality questionnaires and practical tests, we can identify the skills of your candidates. This allows you to establish an objective and rapid pre-selection and to retain only the most relevant candidates. Our efficient and effective tools also guarantee a positive brand image for your candidates.


In the matching phase, we use tests, personality questionnaires and practical tests to find the right match between the position you are offering and the skills of your candidate or internal employee.


In the management phase, we identify, develop and manage the talents of your candidates and/or internal staff through tests, personality questionnaires and practical tests. This allows you to customise the training needs of your employees in an objective and transparent way, to detect leadership potential, to draw up development plans, etc.

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