Our tips for a successful photo on your CV

Our tips to ensure the perfect photo on your CV

Should we put a photo on his CV or not? Doubt arises when submitting an application. Adecco gives you tips to ensure the perfect photo on your CV ...

  1. Clothes: Choose clothes that correspond to the position you apply for. Your physical appearance is essential to deliver the right message. Overly casual clothes, a deep neckline, a badly knotted tie or an overly open blouse can quickly give a bad impression. If any doubt, opt rather for a "classic" style: a shirt with a jacket that covers your arms and shoulders.
  1. Hairstyle: Hairstyle should not be overlooked. The way you style your hair gives indications on your way of working and on your personality. Think of a rewarding hairstyle, which matches the morphology of your face. If you choose to have your hair tied, this will increase your leadership, as well as your sense of rigour, but conversely, you may be perceived as someone who is strict, not very friendly and not very creative. It's up to you how to appear in the photo depending on the offer you're applying for. For example, for an office position , it is obvious that the hairstyle will not be the same as for a position in construction industry. For men, it is generally recommended to tie your hair if you wear it long.
  1. Posture and smile: Smile! Your smile should not be artificial, be rather genuine while having a professional posture. The recruiter will see you as friendly and open minded. Regarding the pose, it is possible to be front-facing or the classic CV photo: three-quarter turned body and the face towards the camera. In all cases, remember to stand up straight for more presence.
  1. Up-to-date: It is recommended to change your photo maximum every 2 or 3 years in order to avoid an excessive gap between reality and picture.
  1. Professional: Consider using a professional photographer. He will perfectly meet your expectations. However, it is not just any photo! It should reflect you in everyday life and also show you in the best light. You can also use a black and white photo, you will look like more serious.
  1. Background: Position yourself in front of a plain and light background. The background is an essential element for your photo. First choose the place where you want to take your photo. Then, choose a well-lit, natural and uniform place. Daylight can actually be your best friend unlike artificial lighting which can quickly show you in a bad light and that is not the goal!
  1. Distance: The correct distance for a portrait photo is around 80 cm to 1.50 m. It is advisable not to take too nearby to avoid the close up shots but also not to take too farby , otherwise it will be difficult to see. The photo should show your face and part of your bust. A good framing is essential to succeed in your photo.
  1. Format: Favour a rectangular format for the photo of approximately 6.5 cm x 4.5 cm (height x width). The photo can also be used in landscape format. As an indication for the proportions: portrait 3: 4, landscape 4: 3.
  1. Size: To avoid a blurry photo, the number of pixels should not be changed. Some candidates do this out of of knowledge because the format of their photo is too heavy to be sent by e-mail. It is therefore strongly advised to check everything before sending your CV.

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