The slowdown brought about by the COVID-19 health crisis may be an excellent time to renew your skills, thanks to the availability of online resources. Adecco offers a selection of online training courses for distance learning.
The period of economic slowdown brought by the COVID-19 health crisis enhances various working constellations: partial unemployment, home-office, paid leave, etc. These downtimes can be an opportunity to acquire or to simply renew many skills . Thanks to the “Self learning” trend, it is now easier to learn thanks to the online resources and the various available platforms. Adecco reviews a selection of free training courses for online learning.


Duolingo is a website and an application for mobile and tablet offering free language learning. It offers lessons in several different languages ​​including German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Since the start of the lockdown, this platform has experienced phenomenal success from users. The key of success ? Gamification. Learning is based on the principle of gamification : transforming learning a language as much as possible into a game, for example in the form of a quiz.. Like in a real game, you can gain experience points and try to beat the score of your friends in different languages. Duolingo also analyzes your errors, your frequency of connection and the words learned, in order to show you again the content that you may forget or that you have difficulties to assimilate.

MOOC Office 365

MOOC Office 365 is an online platform that allows you to take courses on Pack Office tools in order to use them more effectively. One of the advantages of the Office 365 Business MOOC is the possibility of following live training sessions led by an expert trainer of the Office 365 offer. This platform offers live training sessions with an expert facilitator, a social network for exchanging good practices and video tutorials focusing on the functionality of the Pack Office.


Fun MOOC (Massive Open Online Course is a platform that gives access to higher education in French institutions through their partnerships. The courses are completely free and open to everyone, whatever your level of study and your geographic location are. Whether you are a student, high school student, employee or job seeker, you can take these courses entirely online and discover a new way of learning. These courses are offered in the form of quizzes, videos and exercises. It is also a collaborative space that allows you to exchange and help each other. There are MOOCs in all areas: environment, legal, management, digital, technological, science and human science.

Upskilling Covid

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