Improve your LinkedIn profile

An optimized LinkedIn profile is your best business card, put the odds on your side.

Your LinkedIn profile is so much more than just a glorified Resume. Or, at least, it should be.
You can really bring your career to life using LinkedIn. To ensure an optimized profile, more visibility and more chances of being recruited, be sure to work the following 10 points in addition to the classic parts (experience and training)!

  1. Clear profile picture
  2. The first thing that will be seen is your picture . The photo must be in color and your face must be clearly identifiable, professional, pleasant and smiling. Ban selfies and pay attention to the brightness, the quality of the photo and the background.

  3. Full name, plain and simple
  4. Don’t add initials, acronyms or other titles in your name field. If you have a maiden name users might search, include that…but keep it simple.

  5. Title with several keywords
  6. Instead of just including your current job title, include keywords to creatively explain responsibilities or competencies. (ex. Social Media Marketing | Digital Strategy)

  7. Customed vanity URL
  8. Your LinkedIn vanity UR is by default your first and last name followed by a string of alphanumeric characters. Edit this to simply have your first/last name, or something that can be easily remembered.

  9. Summary with media
  10. Your LinkedIn profile doesn’t have to look like a resume. Use these fields to tell your story : dd media that brings it to life with links to the websites, projects or videos you’re proud of.

  11. Meaningful recommendations
  12. Offer recommendations to those you’ve worked with in the past without being asked, and ask for a recommendation in return. When one is submitted on your behalf, you can ask for changes and choose which ones to show.

  13. Your top 10 skills
  14. This is the visual representation of the competencies acknowledged by your connections and showing what you’re good at. You can prioritize the “Top 10” as you wish to highlight what you bring to the table. Prioritizing your top skills will mean that you’re more likely to get endorsed from your connections.

  15. Groups and pages worth sharing
  16. Follow any alumni groups, community organizations or industry groups you’re a part of. Following influencers, news sources and companies you care about tell viewers what matters to you and how you keep informed of the latest industry trends and topics, deepening a potential connection.

  17. Up to date language level
  18. Do not forget to mention the different languages you speak but also to specify the level of fluency, whether it is your mother tongue or a language you are starting to learn. This element can earn you points compared to another candidate, especially in Luxembourg.

  19. Additional information
  20. In order to refine your profile, you can also complete the distinctions, rewards and volunteering parts that could add strengths to your profile. Who knows ? Maybe a recruiter has something in common with you. Any of these categories could strengthen your bond with an employer.


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