Include MOOCs on LinkedIn and make the difference!

You must have already heard about MOOCs! Let us remind you what it is.


What is MOOC?

You must have already heard about MOOCs! Let us remind you what it is: MOOC is the acronym for “Massive Online Open Courses”. They emerged in 2008 from the hand of George Siemens and Stephen Downes and have clearly marked a before and after in the educational environment, especially now that many Millenials are fleeing the rigidity of formal education.

MOOCs Success

The success of MOOCs has been such that, today, more than 700 universities worldwide – including the most prestigious in the United States such as Harvard or Duke – offer hundreds of free courses every month. If you master English, most of the courses are within your reach, although there is also a wide catalog of contents in other languages (such as French, German, Spanish). No matter the language you choose, MOOCs allow you to expand and improve your complementary training, in addition to delivering into more specific aspects of your field. That has to appear on your resume!

Online Courses MOOC

Add MOOCs certificates to your CV

Luckily, most MOOCs give you the opportunity to request a certificate for the amount of 40 euros. We believe that this is a good investment because, once you have the document that proves that you have passed the courses, you can include it in your CV and also on LinkedIn.

How? If the platform on which you have completed the course has an agreement with the social network (many have it), once you receive the certificate per email, you will receive another email with a link that will allow you to automatically add the certification to your profile. If, you do not receive that second e-mail, you can manually include it with the “certification” option on LinkedIn.

You already know that most recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates. The success of a MOOC recognized by a major University makes the difference!

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