CV: Soft skills at the heart of the recruitment of tomorrow

Learn more about the 3 soft skills most sought after by recruiters in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and follow Adecco’s advice on how to highlight them on your CV.


The health crisis has reorganised the world of employment and its recruitment methods. Some departments have been more affected than others, especially with the generalisation of home-working. Now, companies' expectations have become different, especially in terms of soft skills. Behavioural qualities are increasingly sought after by companies today.

What are the expectations in terms of "post-lockdown" recruitment? A lot of HR professionals agree that many recruitments will take place by the end of 2020. This time, however, recruiters will focus more on profiles that emphasize soft skills rather than technical skills. Adecco gives you the 3 soft skills most sought after by recruiters in Luxembourg and how to highlight them on your CV

The study carried out by LISER in May 2020 highlights that Luxembourg employers are the most demanding in terms of job offers compared to other countries in the Greater Region, which includes German, Belgian and French territorial divisions.. But they also pay more attention to personal skills than technical skills. Soft skills account for 55% of the skills required. Here are the 3 soft skills most sought-after by companies in Luxembourg:

  1. Adaptability and flexibility:
  2. Recruiters had to adapt to change. Indeed, the COVID-19 crisis has made it possible to use new tools in the recruitment process, such as videoconferencing. Recruitment interviews by videoconference were already a good way to assess the adaptability of candidates. Due to lockdown, some companies have retained this method in order to save time in the selection process. Only selected candidates are eligible for face-to-face interviews. According to the study carried out by LISER, 84% of job opportunities in Luxembourg offer adaptability and flexibility, making it the main non-technical skill sought by recruiters.

    Employees were also required to demonstrate a high degree of flexibility during the period of lockdown. Resistance to change is a natural phenomenon, however the Covid-19 crisis has more than ever forced employees to adapt to change, particularly new organisational methods or to set new objectives. Today, becoming a "chameleon employee" is an indispensable personal strength in the Luxembourg labour market.

  3. Professionalism
  4. The notion of professionalism is often difficult to define because it can vary from one field to another. For example, in the construction industry, it is difficult to think of professionalism if safety is the first consideration, whereas in the sales industry, professionalism means being welcoming, polite and courteous to the customer. When hiring, it is essential to know what it means to be professional for the position you are applying for.

    In general, a professional attitude requires respect for work hours and colleagues, honesty, listening, helpfulness and curiosity, and the ability to work with the same values as your company. Professionalism is present in 69% of job offers, it is the second most sought-after skill in Luxembourg.

  5. Ability to work in a team
  6. The strength of a team lies in its ability to work hand in hand. Building an effective team is the main challenge for recruiters. The success of a project is usually the result of cooperation between the different team members.

    Being able to work in a team means being able to work with several people, each with their own personality, character, emotions and sensitivities. Teamwork also requires that you know how to divide tasks, have a communicative and cohesive spirit. These soft skills can easily qualify you for the position you are applying for. In a modern work environment, teamwork is one of the most necessary skills, and recruiters ensure that candidates are tested very carefully on this skill. Please remember: Strength lies in numbers! (Mentioned in 67% of job advertisements in Luxembourg)

How to highlight your soft skills in a CV

Soft skills allow you to feed your CV and distinguish yourself from other candidates. Your behavioural qualities should not take precedence over your technical skills (hard skills), but rather define your profile as additional information so that recruiters can identify you better. They can be differentiating factors, allowing you to be pre-selected for a job interview.

Put your soft skills below the title of your CV. This will immediately attract the recruiter's attention. Choose 3 to 4 qualities according to your future career ambitions and compare them with your diplomas and technical skills. Never list general or overly classic qualities that do not fit your profile. Be yourself!

Insert your personal qualities directly in the description of your experiences. The purpose of this type of presentation is to directly link your qualities to your experiences as in the cover letter. Don't forget to provide details to highlight your behavioural skills in specific situations. For example, a temp who has worked in many different fields of activity may mention his dynamism, strong adaptability and high degree of autonomy.

Download study « Marché du travail transfrontalier : Quelles équations à résoudre ? » carried out by LISER

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