5 tips for a successful first day of work

Is it your first day at your new job? Integration into a new company is often a distressing ordeal for the "new kid". But this first day of work is an important step in building relationships with your team and future colleagues. So follow these 5 tips to make a good first impression and survive this integration step in your new position.

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1. Be punctual

As the saying goes, you do not have the opportunity to make a good first impression twice. Arriving on time on your first day will therefore be all the more important. Be sure to plan your commuting trip in advance.

2. Relax and relax

Arriving in a new environment with people you don't know can be destabilizing. Don't worry: if the recruiter's final choice was you, it's not by chance. Your arrival is expected and prepared.

3. Get to know your colleagues

Feel free to greet the whole team and introduce yourself to as many of your new colleagues as possible. Be professional while remaining yourself.

4. Update your profiles on social media

Being part of a new firm is also visible on social networks. Update your profile to demonstrate your sense of belonging to the company and facilitate your integration by adding your new colleagues on LinkedIn and Viadeo.

5. Pay attention to your clothing 

Some companies have a dress code and others do not. Make sure you have the right outfit for your industry and the corporate culture of your new employer. Before your first day, do not hesitate to ask your contact if there is any specific use in the organization.

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