Become an expert driver with Adecco

Adecco Luxembourg is offering driver safety awareness training to its temp workers, exemplifying how Adecco promotes its commitment to safety.

We attach top priority to ensuring the safety of our temp workers

As with many other workers, out temp workers are at the wheel every day. With traffic in Luxembourg becoming increasingly dense, road safety is a major concern in today's society. In dangerous situations, a driver's reaction can make all the difference. This is why Adecco is doing everything to equip its employees as best as possible to react the right way when driving, for instance in bad weather. “A temp worker belongs to the same team as us. He is our business card,” said David Jacmart, Branch Manager at the Adecco Pommerloch branch and initiator of the project.

Course participants are selected on the basis of a competition. Obviously, you need to have a driving licence. Candidates use their own vehicles on the Colmar-Berg track, in the magnificent surroundings of the Luxembourg Ardennes. At the end of the course, they will have learned to drive in a responsible and defensive style, able to react in an emergency situation and knowing the limits of their vehicle and of physics (reaction time, breaking distances in rain, black ice, etc.).

It is also an occasion to swap best practices regarding safety and to boost our relationship to our temp workers.

“This training course is an illustration of the Adecco philosophy of investing in employee training, with our temp workers also benefiting from the programme.”

Adecco is also committed to safety at work and was the first temp agency in Luxembourg to gain OHSAS 18001* certification.

Defensive Driver

Adecco Luxembourg, your employment agency; permanent hiring or temporary staffing

*OHSAS 18001(Occupational Health Assessment Services) is an international norm supporting companies in assessing their management of health and safety at work. Compliance with the norm can be certified.

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