The benefits of temporary work in your career

Have you ever wondered if temporary work is right for you? Temporary work is a good way to build yourself professionally, wherever you are in your job search!

  1. Gaining in experience and flexibility
  2. Flexibility is one of the advantages of temporary worker status. You have the possibility to accept or decline missions, to favour short- or long-term assignments, and to switch from one sector of activity to another. Moreover, working for different missions allows you to avoid the monotony and boredom. Temporary work, far from the daily routine, offers you the opportunity to be polyvalent, to discover new horizons and to acquire a real professional maturity.

  3. Expanding your professional network
  4. A temp mission is a great opportunity to build up your address book and to get in contact with many people that you may meet afterwards during your professional career. From the recruiter to the manager, the different persons will become professional contacts and can later offer you new job opportunities.

  5. Enriching your skills
  6. A temporary employment contract is the best way to gain skills, particularly thanks to the covered occupations and business sectors. Each assignment can be considered as a successful challenge within a given timeframe. You will certainly have to change missions and work environment regularly. Therefore, you must show what you can do and engage entirely. This will help you to develop quickly your skills and enrich your CV.

  7. Employment booster
  8. For companies, hiring temporary workers is generally linked to an increase of activity or to the replacement of an employee on leave. The temporary mission often becomes a good springboard to a permanent contract. It allows the employer to test you and evaluate your skills during this period. The employer can then extend the contract or hire you directly.

    According to a study by Statec in June 2018, 21% of temporary workers are hired, i.e. 32,260 people.

  9. Developing curiosity
  10. If you don't like being in a routine, Temp working is for you! Mostly well-knowned in the industry and in the catering sector, temporary work is also popular in finance, administration and many other branches. Don’t hesitate to ask our specialists for more information to find out more about. They will accompany you throughout your career and help you to fulfil your desires!

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