Temp assignment guide

Adecco Luxembourg temporary workers' guide

You will automatically be affiliated with Caisse de Maladie Luxembourgeoise [the Luxembourg public health insurance fund] throughout the duration of your assignment. You will not receive a direct confirmation from Caisse de Maladie Luxembourgeoise, as your contract will act as evidence of your affiliation.

If you have already worked in Luxembourg or you are a resident of Luxembourg

You will already be registered with Luxembourg’s Social Security. Please let us have your Social Security number.

If you have never worked in Luxembourg before

To facilitate the process of registration with the social security, we need a copy of your valid passport or identity card (a front and back copy of the document on one page). Luxembourg’s Social Security will then allocate you a Social Security number, which is a unique number that will remain assigned to you for life. The number always begins with your year, month and date of birth, followed by five figures.

Your tax card will be automatically issued by the Administration of Contributions, whether you are Luxembourg resident or not. As soon as you are member of the social security scheme, your tax card will be sent by mail at your address. In order to be affiliated as soon as possible, is essential that you provide us your social insurance number.

For each new employer you will receive another tax card.

Once you have accomplished all the formalities which are described above, you will receive, within a month of registering, a tax card which you must forward to us immediately.

  • Please note
  • Luxembourg’s Code Fiscal [tax laws] compel us to withhold 33% tax from your wages until we receive your tax form. It is therefore in your interest to let us have this form as soon as possible Also, please also note that a new tax card will be issued by the Administration des Contributions every year.

    Deuxième règle : une carte d’impôt par année à remettre à votre employeur.

Your administrative documents, as the contracts and the salary slips, will be available electronically on your portal Unified Post or on Adecco’s website on the candidate space In the first time an email notification will be sent with your password, then for each new document available you will receive another email.

We inform you that if necessary, we provide assistance to access your personal portal.

Your assignment contract will be systematically sent out to you by post. Please return one signed copy to us within two days of receiving it.

Once you have signed your contract and the trial period has expired, you are effectively committing yourself to working through your assignment until its end.

If you fall ill, you must inform your branch as soon as possible Outside our normal working hours, you should first inform the company to which you have been seconded of your absence. If need be, you may leave a message for your branch on its answering machine.

You must secure a medical certificate as of your first day of absence and you must ensure that we receive it by your third day of absence at the latest. Should you fail to do so, your absence may not be taken into consideration as sick leave.

Please send the original forms to your branch of Caisse de Maladie Luxembourgeoise (ask your Adecco branch for the address) on the very same day, stating your Luxembourg Social Security number.

Work accidents
You should first inform the company to which you have been seconded and then contact your Adecco branch (your employer) directly in order to fill in a work accident form (within 8 days of the date on which the accident occurs).

Luxembourg’s law requires that any person who signs a contract of employment must have a medical examination. If you don’t have yet such an examination, an appointment will be made and you will be notified of this in good time. If you have already a medical examination for another company, please could you let us have a copy of your medical certificate?

Please note

Should you fail to turn up for your first appointment without cancelling at least 48 hours in advance, a penalty of 115 euros will be deducted from your wages.

Should you fail to turn up for your second appointment, you will be fined another 115 euros and your contract of employment may be terminated for gross misconduct (cf §14.1 of the temporary workers collective agreement).

It is vital that you forward all timesheets to us, otherwise you will not receive your wages. Your timesheets must moreover be signed and stamped by the company to which you are seconded.

Your timesheets must be handed in to pool@adecco.lu.

Any overtime hours worked shall be paid in accordance with the prevailing and applicable laws.

We will pay your wages by bank transfer. If you already have a bank account, please remember to provide us with details of your account number in IBAN format as well as your BIC code by mail: pool@adecco.lu. We will not accept any banking details for accounts which are not held in your name. If you haven’t worked with Adecco for the last 6 months, all your bank details are no more valid, therefore you will be asked to provide another RIB

If you do not yet have a bank account, we recommend that you open an account in Luxembourg as soon as possible.

We can make bank transfers to accounts in another European Union Member State. However, you will be responsible for bearing any charges associated with such bank transfers. Advances or wages shall be paid in proportion to the returned documents e.g. tax form, timesheets.

Your wages will be paid by bank transfer on the 6th business day of the following month into a bank account held in the European Union and identified by an IBAN code.

The corresponding payslips are available on myAdecco.

You may request an advance on wages which is limited to 60% of the standard working hours performed in the previous week. The request should be made by Tuesday at the latest in any given week to pool@adecco.lu or (+352) 48 25 51 236. The payment is made on Wednesday.

An advance on wages may only be paid once a week. No advance may be requested during the first week of each month (Salaries payments).

You must take your leave entitlement during your assignment (subject to securing Adecco’s and the client’s authorisation at least 48 hours in advance). Please don’t forget to record any paid leave on your timesheets.

Your days of paid leave are paid systematically and in advance in addition to your normal weekly wages, prorata based on the number of hours worked. Please ensure that any absence on your part is approved beforehand by your supervisor.

You can contact our Administrative Team from Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am to 12:00 pm and from 1:30 pm to 6:00 pm. You can reach us per phone with the following number (+352) 48 25 51 236 or per email pool@adecco.lu.

Ask our administrative pool