Write a cover letter

This one page letter can open or close the door an interview with a recruiter. It introduces you, Highlight your relevant experiences and clearly shows your interest in a specific position or function. The cover letter should be personalized and should be addressed to the hiring manager to show respect for the company and the position. Make it yours.

Our tips for writing a convincing cover letter.

1. Write it on one page.

2. Introduce yourself and brag a little.

3. Personalize it!

4. Thank the reader for his consideration.

Just like the experience section of a resume, the cover letter has to be personalized. But this time, you tell a story. Choose key responsibilities in the job description and explain how you handled similar tasks in your previous roles.

It's your turn !

Select responsibilities in the job description, and then choose your own examples of similar tasks.


Job Description: Manage a Team
My experience: As a branch manager at Joe's Print Shop, I was responsible for team management, training and day-to-day problem solving for a team of six customer service representatives.

Job Description: Forecast Industry Trade Trends
My experience: Provide a monthly forecast analysis based on the frequency of use of the client. Printing, paper and office supplies.

Job Description: Solving Customer Complaints
My experience: As a team leader, I reduced customer complaints by 5% per quarter.

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