Video CV

The video resume is a direct and effective format, useful to attract the attention of the recruiters.

Without eliminating the paper CV , it is actually possible to insert the link to the video CV in the cover letter or directly in the CV in text format.

A few minutes of an effective video can make a difference and positively influence the recruiter's judgment. The video resume has for purpose to arouse interest, curiosity, the desire to be re-read or to be contacted in person.

Thanks to the video resume, you have the opportunity to better illustrate your professional profile, your communication skills.

Here are some tips to optimize your Video CV

This is a widely used method where digital technologies and video computing tools are prevalent.

It can be a valuable solution for creative, sales, marketing and communication profiles, as well as for people working in art and entertainment, where posture, expressiveness and creativity play a key role.

How to present your Video CV

  • Dress appropriately.
  • Be convincing, as if you were in a job interview .
  • Avoid overdoing because you could make a fool of yourself.
  • Do not talk too fast.
  • Look in the room and imagine that you are really talking to your interlocutor.
  • Do not make it too long: a few minutes are the perfect way to present yourself effectively.
  • Choose a neutral background, without annoying elements.
  • The content of your Video CV

  • Briefly describe who you are, with advice on training and past experience;
  • Value your skills.
  • Say what you want to do and what are your professional ambitions.
  • Think of an appropriate conclusion.
  • To avoid in your Video CV

  • Never mix private and professional life.
  • Do not exaggerate with humor and jokes.
  • Do not recite or repeat mnemotechnically.
  • Do not repeat the information on the paper CV: leave room for spontaneity and be yourself.
  • Now it’s in your hands! Sparkle with your creativity. If you do not know how to do it, have a look in the web , you will find various tutorials and videos that will help you to create a simple and effective video CV