Robotics, a promising future in the logistics sector

he logistics sector in Luxembourg is considered to be one of the pillars of the country's economic development. Luxembourg has the advantage of having a central position on the European market which attracts large logistics companies such as Amazon, Ziegler, Jost Group etc…

Robotization, a productive capital for companies 


Today robots are not only an investment for companies but also for individuals. They make daily life easier for everyone thanks to electronic devices such as automatic vacuum cleaners, smart speakers that control home automation at home, refrigerators that remind you when to replace products, televisions on demand ... All these types of robots have been designed to simplify tasks and give us more free time. 


Robotization in the logistics sector 


Automation in logistics is rapidly increasing. Just a few years ago, 80% of warehouses were operated manually. They had practically no robotic process. However, as we can see, the industry is undergoing great changes. Forecasts for this year announce a tenfold increase in the robotics market in logistics worldwide. The increase in the production of new robotic units is estimated at more than 600,000 per year. 


Task automation helps fill the lack of skilled labor as a logistics operator. The fact that the number of robot production is increasing is not synonymous with dismissal. On the contrary, most of these machines are intended to fill unmanned jobs. Those who work as packers don't have to worry. Their jobs are not in danger, they are simply evolving. 


Its future…. 


On the occasion of a conference organized by the Chamber of Employees in January 2017, Serge Vandemini, professor at the University of Paris Panthéon Assas talked about the subject of robotization and its influence on jobs. He explained how to transform these threats to opportunities in the logistics sector. According to him, Luxembourg logistics has everything to win if the job/training passage is well mastered and prepared. The Grand Duchy could even become an important role of robotics in the logistics sector thanks to an efficient ecosystem. 





Threat or opportunity for jobs? 


Robotization is therefore not a threat to employment, but an improvement in working conditions, which aims to reduce the difficulty of tasks and strengthen the safety of employees. These machines are designed to assist humans in the performance of their work. For example, loading and unloading large containers is much safer and faster if the capacities of the machines are used. Inside these containers, the cargo is stacked from floor to ceiling, regardless of size and shape. Thanks to improved 3D vision and robotic software, the logistics operator can make a loading and unloading strategy, which improves the precision and productivity of the process. 


However, far from having a human appearance, these devices also have their limits. They can be out of order, so it’s necessary to hire qualified staffs in order not to slow down the production of the activity. This is one more reason to believe that robots will never replace humans.

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