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Your CV might be the strongest tool you have for securing the job you want.


Best CV starts with the right template

Your CV is a tool. It might be the strongest one you have for securing the job you want. To pick the right tool for the job, you have to do your research. Did you know that the template you use actually matters?

Pick a format that makes sense based on who you are and the job you are applying for. Use our chart to find a format that works for you. Then conduct a web search to find samples.

Resume Cover Letter Tips

Career objective on your CV

If you had trouble fitting your experience onto one page, just wait until you have to define yourself in a sentence or two. The career objective section of your CV should tell employers why your CV is worth considering over others.

Professional summary

Examples for your CV

Career objective: An experienced customer service specialist seeking challenging work at a reputable organization with room for potential growth.

Professional summary: A professional with a record of excellence in customer service, able to improve bottom line results by improving customer complaint resolution and encouraging teamwork.

Experience is the most important on your CV

No matter what format you selected, always think carefully about how to include your experience. Look at each section of the job description and write down specific examples of how your previous experiences have prepared you to fill that role. Pick the best examples and include them in your CV.

As you can see, it is about to include only and exclusively the elements you really master and leave the rest aside.

Education in your resume

The simplest and yet most complex section is education. The rules vary depending on who you are. A few of them are universal:

  • List your most recent degree or most valuable educational experience first.
  • Start with the school name and location.
  • On the next line, put the name of your degree, the course of study and honors if applicable (date of graduation is optional).
  • Don’t include your marks if you’ve been out of school for more than a few years.
  • If you have a college degree or have taken courses in your field, there’s no need to include your high school.

Here is a bonus for you, it includes CV & Cover Letter tips.

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