Millennials use their smartphone to look for a job

Our Smartphone is our daily partner, even for our job search.

How often do we use our smartphone?

The smartphone has become our best ally, whether it is for checking the latest news on the internet, booking a hotel room, buying a plane ticket or even taking a medical appointment. The Millennials also use their smartphone as a tool for job search. Indeed, some studies show that this generation is no longer using normal computers and opts for short videos and instant messaging to communicate.

On mobile device, it should be quick!

Observing this, recruiters have been adapting their candidate search strategies to this new reality. Indeed, they have set up mobile platforms, which give access to job offers, which, by offering an immediate responsiveness, perfectly adapt to the needs of the Millennials. Moreover, these applications make it possible to create a profile in less than a minute and can include instant chats – even with video – to communicate directly with HR professionals.

Job search Millennials Smartphone

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