Interview Vanessa Broge Win4youth

Interview of Vanessa Broge, Win4Youth ambassador for Luxembourg, between sport, challenge and well-being.


Each year, a Win4Youth Ambassador is elected in each country where The Adecco Group is present. For the years 2020 and 2021, Vanessa Broge, Team Leader Payroll at Adecco Luxembourg represents Luxembourg and participates in this incredible experience, with the Lanzarote Triathlon in sight, where all the ambassadors gather year. The Win4Youth Program aims to promote sport in the workplace as well as to contribute to the well-being of children through the financial support provided by The Adecco Group.

Vanessa Broge Win4Youth

What are your ambitions for this program?

“From a sport point of view: to have a good training to manage the 3 disciplines without suffering and with a lot of joy. From a human point of view: mobilizing our colleagues as much as possible to accumulate a maximum of kilometers* and convince them that practicing endurance sports is the best way to feel alive. 

What is your favorite sport?

“My favorite sport is of course running, it's a real passion because it allows me to start the day in a good mood and to keep in goodshape. Running also allows me to know my body and my limits. And it is well known that running shapes and strengthens the mind! "

How do you feel about your level in running?

"I have a very good level. I have already run many half marathons and the Paris marathon 3 years ago in 3h52. For me, participating in the Win4Youth triathlon is above all a personal and professional challenge. And it is a real pleasure to represent Luxembourg. "

What about your cycling level?

“My level is intermediate. I have to train more on the weekends. I set myself goals to achieve each week. This allows me to progress little by little and to be operational on the D-day. As we always say "Slowly but surely"“

And what do you think of your swimming level?

“I am a beginner. At the moment, I am strill struggling with the technique. Contrary to what we might think, swimming is a much more demanding sport than it looks. I am considering taking a few lessons with a professional in order to acquire good swimming technique. "

For you, what will be the main challenge?

“Swimming is MY big challenge. I can swim but I have to develop my skills, especially for the crawl. The main difficulty is to coordinate the movements of the arms with the breathing. "

How many hours per week do you regularly train?

  "I have been doing sports regularly 4 to 5 hours a week for many years"

*As part of the “Win 4 Youth Program”, The Adecco Group converts cumulated kilometers in monetary donation to charity organizations.



To find out more about the programme, visit  Win4Youth

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