Interview tips

The interview is just one part of the job search, but we can help you every step of the way. From resume writing tips to career advice to free online training, Adecco is ready to help take your job search to the next level.
Job interview
  1. Arrive early. We recommend you get there at least 15 minutes early.
  2. Fill out all applications neatly and completely. Use your resume for reference if necessary. 
  3. Bring several copies of your resume. Have enough copies to go around. 
  4. Be enthusiastic. Show your interviewer that you really want the job.
  5. Ask specific questions. Get the information you need to make a decision. 
  6. Do not discuss salary or benefits. Let your recruiter handle these sensitive negotiations. 
  7. Be proactive. Ask for the position at the end of the interview. 
  8. Practice makes perfect. Review potential questions and rehearse your answers. Conduct a mock interview with a friend, family member or your recruiter. 
  9. Organize your answers. Consider ways to give your answer structure, either by organizing your response chronologically or organizing your points in order of their importance.
  10. Do not answer “yes” or “no”. Use examples to paint a clear picture of where, when, how, what and why you succeeded in the past.
  11. Stress your achievements and accomplishments. Let your interviewer know that you have a history of making a positive impact.
  12. Answer all questions clearly and succinctly. Do not ramble on.
  13. Do not speak negatively about other companies. You could seem petty or difficult to work with.
  14. Be positive about why you are leaving. The key word to remember is “more.” You want more challenges, more responsibility, more opportunity, etc.
  15. Quantify your accomplishments. Stress specific facts, figures and measurable results.
  16. Always represent yourself honestly. You want to be hired for what you can do, not for what you think the interviewer wants to hear. Otherwise, you are setting yourself up for failure.
  17. Mitigate your negatives. If you have to discuss negative experiences, point out what you learned from them and why you won’t make the same mistakes again.
  18. Answer every question, even the tough ones. If you are unsure about the question or need some time to think, ask the interviewer to repeat it.
  19. Tell them what it means to you. Let the interviewer know that the job is essential to achieving your ultimate career goals.
  20. Remember, your recruiter is here for you! Our job is to help you get your next job, so don’t hesitate to contact your recruiter if you need help conducting a mock interview, preparing answers to questions or have concerns about what to wear. Call them when the interview is complete to let them know how it went and to let us facilitate any next steps.

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