Safety and health of temporary workers in the construction industry

Safety at work is a major issue for Adecco in order to guarantee temporary workers optimal work conditions and to protect employees, even experienced ones, who may as well risk a fall or an accident.

To find out more about the elements related to safety at work for Adecco Luxembourg, we interviewed Laurent Suby, Branch Manager of the BTP agency in Esch sur Alzette since 2013 and also internal auditor of the OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) safety standards for the last 5 years.


In what way is safety training for temporary workers a major prevention issue in the building and public works sector?

In order to ensure safety for temporary workers in the workplace, it is essential to train them on the risks associated with their jobs. In this way, we ensure that they carry out their mission in the best possible conditions and are able prevent any risk of injury or accident. It also helps to reduce the rate of accidents at work. To this mean, we have at our disposal customer safety data sheets as well as on-site or site observation visits (VOCS). We also organize safety information sessions in our branches according to customer requests. As part of my job, I carry out internal audits and, in collaboration with the ESCEM[1], I organize external audits.

How do you organize information and training sessions on security for the Adecco temporary workers?

The temporary worker must benefit from training (booklet, video, questionnaire, etc.), otherwise Adecco undertakes to inform the temporary worker via the Customer Safety Sheet (FSC) or the Accident Insurance Association booklet ('AAA ) on safety rules.

During a mission, who is responsible for the safety of temporary workers in their workplace?

It is the temporary work agency which bears the entire responsability, except in the event of death, of permanent incapacity equal to or greater than 10%. In this second situation, the distribution is 1/3 of the risk for the user and 2/3 for the temporary work agency.

Does the user company have to establish a declaration for accident at work?

According to article L. 614-11 of the Labor Code, when the injured person is a temporary worker, the user undertaking is required to report the accident at work to ITM and the report must be countersigned by the temporary worker.

How many temps currently do benefit from safety training?

On the high-risk posts, all of them. For other jobs, awareness of the risks associated with the workstation is raised either in the branch or directly on the site before the job is taken up. In Luxembourg legislation, driving a motor vehicle is a risky job. On the other hand, companies are obliged to declare every 3 years the list of risky jobs in their company in accordance with the Industrial Occupational Health Service or the Multisectoral Occupational Health Service. For example, a welder may be a risk position in one company but not in another.

Personal protective equipment is essential to ensure safety at workstations. Who provides this equipment?

Adecco provides the basic equipment (shoes, helmets, gloves, boots, fluorescent vest). For specific equipment such as harnesses, welding masks, they are provided by the customer.

Which jobs require the wearing of personal protective equipment?

Every job on a building site require the wearing of PPE, whether it is a crane operator, a mason or a painter. Their PPE consists of SP3 shoes, helmets, gloves, boots and a fluorescent jacket.

What are the emergency measures to be taken in the event of work accident? And what are the useful data to be filled in?

First, protect the accident site and the danger zone. Then evacuate the accident victims from the danger zone, have the bleeding stopped by compression (if any). Notify the person in charge, the fire brigade, the ITM, the Designated Worker of the user company and the agency (so that it can draw up an accident report).

Useful data to be filled in :

- Your identity (name and surname) and the identity of the injured person

- Accident site (mailing address)

- The circumstances of the accident (fall, electrocution, fire...)

What are the risks for the temporary worker on mission in case of non-compliance with the rules?

This can range from a reprimand to a warning or even a serious misconduct with immediate ending of the mission.

Who issues driving licenses to temporary workers?

A driving license is a document certifying the recognition by the employer - or his representative- of the ability of one of his employees to drive safely the machines mentioned on the license. It ensures that the driver has the necessary skills and knowledge to drive safely.

It is the user company (internal authorization) that issues these authorizations. Adecco undertakes to check the validity of the on-the-job training courses and the medical examination. This authorization is issued for example for cranes, construction machinery, forklift trucks etc...

Can the dangerousness of a position prevent the use of a temp?

Yes, in the field of asbestos (Luxembourg legislation prohibits the delegation of temporary workers in this field).

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[1] European Society for Certification of Management Systems