What is it like to be a Win4Youth ambassador?

Every year, a Win4Youth ambassador is elected in each country where The Adecco Group is present. For this year 2019, Julie Hocquet, our consultant of Badenoch + Clark Luxembourg, is representing Luxembourg and taking part in this incredible experience of sport, with a final objective of the Triathlon of Lanzarote on the 26th of October 2019, where she gathered with the 46 other ambassadors and contributed to improve children’s wellbeing throughout the financial support of the Adecco Group.


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Julie, what was your motivation to become an Win4Youth ambassador ?

When I was younger, I used to practice a lot of sport, 10 to 15 hours a week, I even studied to become a sport teacher. But I changed my professional orientation and with arrival of my daughter, I completely stopped doing sport. I needed a big kick challenge to prove to myself and my 9-year-old girl that when we want, we can. When I discovered the program Win 4 Youth, the charity part of the program gave me an extra motivation, and I set it as a personal goal to become an ambassador.

Was it a life changer for you?

I took this challenge because I needed a life-changer, and clearly it was. It is such a strong commitment that I have to do to myself but also to my close friends, family and colleagues. I re-discovered the sensation of being addicted to sport. But it still doesn’t change the fact that I don’t like running…even if I really appreciate the joy and proudness when the run is over!

What does being the Ambassador for Win4youth mean for you?

A mix of various emotions. I feel proud of investing myself in something big and with impact on others, helping children is essential. As an ambassador, I am raising the awareness of the Win4Youth program among my colleagues and contribute to its development as well as the transmission of its values. It also allows me to convey a positive image and indirectly inspire others. I am also very positively surprised by the people around me, their enthusiasm, their support, their admiration.

How many hours per week are you training right now?

10 to 15 hours per week. I followed the program organized by the coach. This means 5 to 6 days of sport per week during the 5-months preparation phase (from May until October)

How do you manage to balance family-life, work and training for the triathlon?

My social life had to really step behind during the last months. I underestimated the time the sport would take but in the end I am OK with it.
I try as much as possible to run or swim during the lunch break. And during the week-end I can train while my daughter is spending time with her father.

What positive impact did you see in your personal and professional life?

I now feel much healthier. I can talk by walking or climbing stairs. Plus, scheduling regular sport sessions pushes me to learn to better organize my priorities and to improve my organizational skills; I can feel the benefits at work as well, I am more efficient and can better manage my time.
The program strengthens as well as my personal values like solidarity, engagement and brings me closer to my relatives and colleagues who are supporting me.

Did you feel confident before the Triathlon in Lanzarote on the 26th of October?

Before becoming ambassador « Win 4 Youth » I never participated in a triathlon. With the program I am benefiting since May from a specific training, 10h to 15h a week, with the help of a coach. Thanks to this I managed this summer to proudly start and finish my first triathlon ever so this made me optimistic about the Triathlon in Lanzarote, even if the distances are longer. But I knew that the energy of the event and the team spirit would give me the strength to go until the finish line.

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