The Do’s and Don’t’s of the job interview outfit

How to dress for a job interview? It is not easy to know what clothes to wear for such a professional occasion. Adecco Luxembourg gives you some advice about the interview attire and outfit you should wear in order to convince recruiters.


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DO :

Wear the right job outfit

Choose your clothes in accordance with your desired industry and position. For instance, wearing a three-piece suit when applying to a sport coach position is discordant with the sector.

Get informed on the company’s dress code

On LinkedIn, take a look at the profile pictures of current employees and you will get an idea. For example, if it is a dynamic start-up, choose a business casual style, namely professional but not too stilted.

Prepare proper dress attire

Wearing clean and properly ironed clothes is essential to avoid looking scruffy. Investing in a high-end outfit is not worth, but all it takes is a neat dress to make a good impression.

Take care of your personal appearance

As your clothes, it is important to look on top: groomed nails, recently washed hair… It might not sound that significant, but these details will make a difference because the first impression may be decisive.

Stay comfortable

There is no need to be over-dressed at risk of feeling squeezed in your clothes. You should adopt a corporate but comfortable outfil because it is essential to feel at ease. For example, wearing very high heels might destabilize you if you are not used to them.


Don’t wear too much make up

To boost your self-confidence and show a glowy face, a small beauty enhancement is definitely necessary. Yet remain sober in order to be both sophisticated and natural. A gaudy makeup might make you look vulgar.

Don’t dress too warmly

Even if the weather is not pleasant, don’t dress very warm clothes! The stress caused by an interview may cause sweating and make you uncomfortable. Wear lightweight garment and natural material.

Don’t choose garish colours

Colours are not forbidden for an interview but wearing too garish colours can be visually aggressive. Attention should be focused on what you say rather than on what you wear. Opt for pastel shades which are softer and soothing.

Don’t try to be sexy

This seems obvious but a reminder is always useful… Wanting to be sexy can make you vulgar and undermine your credibility during the interview.

Don’t confuse personality with eccentricity

Wanting to show you personality in a job interview is natural. However, you should make sure you remain subtle. Showing too much eccentricity in your style would suggest a lack of seriousness.

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