Elevator speech

Every day you get to hear more and more about the elevator speech, but what is it exactly?

What is an elevator speech?

It is a short, concise, clear and convincing speech, used to present yourself at events or meetings or to present one of your projects to a potential investor. However, the elevator speech can also be a fantastic tool to get a job interview.

Companies are increasingly participating in job fairs organized at universities or at business schools. This is the perfect environment to use an elevator speech to describe your person, your skills and your strengths, which could help you get a job interview.

Elevator Speech Pitch

How do I prepare a good pitch?

In order to prepare a good pitch, you should first clearly identify your career path. Begin by explaining your current position, your area of specialization and your work area.

Then, describe your professional profile. You don’t have a lot of time: usually an elevator speech lasts between 30 seconds and two minutes. Therefore, you should do a summary of your CV so that you can list the most relevant tasks you have completed during the last years.

Thirdly, to close your speech, try to create a real contact with your interlocutor, in order to obtain his email address, which will give you the opportunity to send him your resume.

Be positive

What needs to be clear for you is that during your speech, you should use a positive language. In fact, talking negatively about your past work experience or you former managers could make you lose points.

You should look natural, sincere and credible.

So… what are you waiting for to prepare your elevator speech? It’s up to you to practice!

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