Step in the shoes of a CEO in Luxembourg

Curious to get an insignt of a CEO's daily life? Discover the program "CEO for 1 Month" launched by The Adecco Group.

The lack of professional experience is a major barrier to enter the labor market. To meet this need, The program « CEO for One Month » of The Adecco Group offers talented young people an once-in-a-lifetime experience: stepping in the shoes of a CEO for an entire month.

For its 6th edition the program has attracted more than 260,000 applications worldwide.

At the end of the registrations and after submitting their CVs, the candidates were subjected to various tests, challenges and interviews. In order to become CEO One Month, candidates must have a certain number of skills and must demonstrate their ambition, their passion, their desire to learn or their team spirit.

In Luxembourg, Philipp Dahlem was selected to live up to the rythm of Fabrice Poncé, CEO The Adecco Group Luxembourg, and follow him throughout the month of July in his daily life within the Group. He participates actively in the life of the company by regularly giving his opinion but also by force of proposal.

As student at the University of Luxembourg, Philipp convinced the jury with his natural leadership and his relational ease.

The "local" experience can turn into a global experience for one of the 47 candidates selected by each country if it reaches the bootcamp with 10 finalists competing to become the global CEO One Month.

For more information about the program CEO 1 month : here

CEO1Month Luxembourg 2019

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