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Your consultant will inform you about the required documents to progress within your application to the job you want.
Here are some frequently asked documents:

  • ID or Work authorization

  • Driving licence or Passport

  • Diplomas and Certifications
    Keep originals and make a few copies

  • CV
    Bring with you a CV up to date.

  • Contact details of your previous colleagues
    You need permission to use details in order to contact them.

  • Bank details (IBAN)
    Make sure that your bank account number and your name are clearly mention.

  • Social security number

Our consultants analyze the applications and propose to our partners-clients profiles that correspond most to the proposed job.
Adecco also takes into account the corporate culture before proposing a candidate in order to find you the right working environment.

Of course, our partners have the final say to test candidates in interim before signing a permanent contract.

Here are some points that must absolutely be respected:

  • Honnesty
    In your resume, during registration and the interview, even at work.
  • Reliability
    Essential for your professional career.
  • Soft-skills
    For your reputation and ours too.

The first contact will be with your Adecco consultant, and that’s where everything starts:

1. Tests

Depending on the request of our client, you will have tests to pass to evaluate your level in languages,
your mastery of some software etc. We count on you to be as exact as possible.

2. Proposal to partner-client

Depending on the test result, we will propose your application to our clients. Then our partners will ask us
to meet profiles that most correspond to their requirements. You will be then contacted by your Adecco Luxembourg
consultant to prepare yourself to the interview.

3. Appointment with Adecco Luxembourg

Congratulation! You have a very interesting profile. We will give you some tips to help you make a difference
in the interview with the client.

4. Interview with our partner

You have an appointment in the premises of our partner, great! Don’t forget to follow the advices of your
Adecco consultant. Show them that you are THE right person for the job.

5. Recruitment

You have successfully completed all the steps? Welcome to the Adecco Luxembourg family!
To start your job in the best interim contract conditions, please send all the requested documents to the Administrative Pool.
We will take care of your affiliation with the National health fund (CNF) and the employer's formalities.

Every day, more than 1 500 temporary employees rely on Adecco Luxembourg. And each year, almost
30% sign a permanent contract, so why not you?

Interim has many benefits for both employers and employees. For example: Administrative management is
ensured and monitored by the Adecco teams, you have the choice among job advertisements. This is an
opportunity for candidates to prove themselves in order to sign a permanent contract in Luxembourg etc.

We take care of your administrative procedures and the payment of your salary.
We are also responsible for your health and safety.

Your professional status is identical to colleagues holding the same position as you in the company.

You enjoy the same benefits as they do in the company, even if you wear the Adecco jersey.

Adecco consultants work every day to make you progress in your professional career.
So stay in touch and call us back when you arrive at the end of your mission.

The salary is set up by the company you work for. For an interim mission, you will be informed of your hourly wage.
Your monthly salary will depend on the number of hours worked, which you will transfer on your hours statement.
You may be required to work overtime or during night hours, even during some public holidays.

Warning, do not forget to add them.

The payment of your salary will be made by Adecco Luxembourg on the basis of the hours carried over the hours statement.
Your statement must be stamped and signed by a person in charge of the company you work for.

Return your score sheets as quickly as possible to the administrative pool by email: pool@adecco.lu.

Your mission contract is systematically sent in two copies at the latest within two working days following your employment.

You must return to us a signed copy of the contract within 48 hours by email: pool@adecco.lu

The bank transfer of your salary is made on the 6th working day of the following month, that is to say from Monday to Friday.
Your salary can only be transferred to you once we have received your IBAN (banking information) and your hours statement.

You can request an advance each week before Tuesday noon for a payment on Wednesday.
This advance can represent up to 60% of the hours worked in the previous week.

Note: No advance payment will be possible during the first week of each month (pay period).

Your payslip is accessible from your candidate area on the afternoon of the 6th working day of the month following the pay period.

Please check that you have given us an email address for that. An email will notify you of the availability of the document.

Yes, you can leave by specifying it on your hours statement and after having the agreement of your company manager.

If you do not take them, your days off will be paid to you with your next salary if you’re no longer working
with us the following month.

Or, they will be accumulated over the following month and this as long as you are on contract with Adecco.

You can request your days off to be paid monthly or at any time with your next salary.

The balance of the annual leave will be paid to you automatically at the latest on the December pay.

You don’t have anything to do.

The administrative pool take care of these process. You just have to send to the agency a copy of your ID
and your Luxembourg registration number, if you already have one

Your tax retention form is automatically send by the Administration of Contributions whether you are
resident or not right after your affiliation to the Social Security.

We will send you the form within a fortnight of the start of your mission at Adecco.

After checking that the employer mentioned on the tax card is Adecco, you must send it by post to the administrative pool:
5 rue des Mérovingiens - ZI Bourmicht L-8070 Bertrange.

If you do not receive the form within this period, contact the administrative pool which will inform you of the procedure:

Request of administrative documents

Email : pool@adecco.lu

Tel : +352 48 25 51 236

Questions about salary

Email : salaire@adecco.lu

Tel : +352 48 25 51 290

Affiliation with Social Security

Email : affiliationCCSS@adecco.lu

Tel : +352 48 25 51 211

If you fall ill, you must inform your branch as soon as possible. Outside our normal working hours, you should first inform the company to which you have been seconded of your absence. If need be, you may leave a message for your branch on its answering machine.

From the first day of absence, inform immediately and in priority the company you are working for and then your Adecco branch. Outside our opening hours, an answering machine is at your disposal, leave us your message indicating your absence and its foreseeable duration. Employer information is mandatory!

The employer part (original version) of the medical certificate of incapacity for work issued by the doctor must be given to Adecco no later than the 3rd day of your absence to the next address:

Adecco Pool Administratif
Service Maladie
5, rue des Mérovingiens (ZAI Bourmicht)
L-8070 Bertrange

Send also the form to the

Caisse Nationale de Santé on the very same day, stating your Luxembourg Social Security number.

If your question is about an administrative point (incomplete file, contract not received, request for advance payment,
question on tax form ...) then you must contact the administrative pool: pool@adecco.lu or +352 48 25 51 236.

If your question concerns your mission, your availability or other things concerning your work and
your non-administrative file, please directly contact your agency.