Are you a temporary worker at Adecco Luxembourg and do you have questions about your salary, leave, taxes and/or administrative documents? You will find the answers here :

Questions about salary

Questions about leave

Questions about taxes

Questions about administrative documents



Salaries are sent on the 6th working day of the following month (excluding weekends and public holidays).


All payments are made by bank transfer only. Send us by post or by email to pool@adecco.lu, your official document of your bank in IBAN format with BIC code. We do not accept any Bank Identity Statement that does not include your name.

If you do not yet have a bank account, we recommend that you open an account in Luxembourg.

We inform you that we delete your bank details after 6 months of inactivity. In this case, you will have to provide us with a new bank account number.

Your pay slips are permanently available on your personal and secure myAdecco space. An initial email concerning your registration will contain your login details. Check your personal myAdecco space regularly to access your updated documents. You will receive an email as soon as a new document is available on myAdecco.

Watch our video to understand your pay slip.

You can request an advance payment of up to 60% of the normal hours worked in the previous week. You can make the request to administrative team by email at salaire@adecco.lu or by phone at +352 48 25 51 292 before Tuesday 12:00 each week..

The payment will be made on Wednesday. Please note that the deposit can only be paid once a week. No deposit will be possible during the first week of each month's pay period.

If you are entitled to them, go to your agency from the 15th of the month following the mission to collect them.

Please call the agency in advance to check their arrival time. Meal vouchers have a deadline! Do not forget to use them before the deadline.

The length of the leave for family reasons depends on the age of the child. There are 3 age brackets:

Enfant malade CNS

Source : CNS

In order to be able to pay you for family leave, we need an original medical certificate:

  • the illness, accident or other compelling reasons for the child's health;
  • the obligatory presence of the beneficiary with the sick child;
  • the duration of the presence with the child.

The beneficiary is obliged, on the very day of his absence, to inform the employer or the employer's representative personally or through an intermediary, either orally or in writing.

The medical certificate showing the personnel numbers of the sick child and the parent must be presented to the competent sickness fund no later than the third day.

Thank you in advance for sending us a document in accordance with CNS expectations as well as a statement for sick child days for the care of your sick child days by email to salary salaire@adecco.lu or by post.

Link to request the statement (can also be requested by phone): Guichet.lu


You must inform your temporary employment agency after receiving the agreement of your manager at your workplace.

Your paid leave balance is indicated on your pay slip. The remaining amount appears in the Annual balance line. This amount is in euros and in gross amount. You have to divide this amount by your hourly rate and then by 8 hours (if you work full time) and you will get your leave balance in days.

Monthly leave is the leave earned during the month of the pay slip concerned while annual leave is the leave earned since January 1st of the current year.

It means that you have taken leave in kind in the month concerned or the year or that you have been paid for the leave since the beginning of the year.

The employee must inform his employer in writing with a 2-month notice period of the foreseeable dates on which he wishes to take his leave.

The request can be made in any form that makes it possible to prove, if necessary, that the notice period has been respected (fax, email, registered mail, etc.).

This information must be accompanied by :

  • - a copy of the medical certificate certifying the presumed date of child birth, or ;
  • - if applicable, a supporting document certifying the foreseeable date of the reception of a child under 16 years old in the case of an adoption.

Tax | Social

As of 1 January 2022, you will no longer receive a tax slip if your gross hourly wage is less than or equal to 25EUR.
Salaries will now be taxed at a flat rate of 10%.
However, you will continue to benefit from the Social Tax Credit (CIS) and the Minimum Social Wage Tax Credit (CISSM).
If your gross hourly wage is more than EUR 25, we will request a tax form for you.

Your tax card is issued automatically by the Administration des Contributions Directes whether you are a resident or not as soon as you are affiliated to the Social Security system. It will be sent to you by post within 30 days of the start of your assignment at Adecco.

After checking that the employer mentioned on the tax card is indeed Adecco, you must submit it without delay to the Administrative Pool :

  • By post: 41 Avenue de la liberté L-1931 Luxembourg, or
  • By mail : pool@adecco.lu

Your tax form can be taken into account until the 5th working day at 12:00 noon. After this deadline, your taxes will be refunded on the following month's salary if you still work for Adecco. Otherwise, you will have to apply for a refund at the Administration des Contributions Directes.

If you have not received the form within this period, you must contact the Tax Administration:

Administrative documents

Un U1 ?

If you wish to obtain a U1 certificate in order to justify a period of activity at the employment office of your country of residence (Pôle emploi, Onem), you just have to make the request by email at the following address: pool@adecco.lu or by phone at + 352 48 25 51 236. You will have to specify whether you wish to obtain this document before monthly closing or after monthly closing of the salaries. In the case of a request before closing: information concerning the salary for the current month will not appear on your U1 certificate. If you have not been working for Adecco for 1 month or more, your U1 certificate can be sent to Adem on the day of your request. Adem will then send you your certificate by post within a maximum of 10 days.
The U1 certificate must be requested from the former employer. The U1 certificate will be available in your MyAdecco space 48 hours maximum after receipt of your request.

A work certificate ?

This document lists the different positions you have held and the period when you worked. It can be obtained by request. It will be available in your MyAdecco space 48 hours maximum after receipt of your request.

A Remuneration Certificate ?

This document lists all your remuneration for the year ended. It is already available in your MyAdecco space. Do you need it for a specific period? The document will be available in your MyAdecco space 48 hours maximum after receipt of your request.

An Employer's Certificate ?

If you wish to obtain this document, you just need to make the request by email to the following address: pool@adecco.lu or by phone at + 352 48 25 51 236. You have to clarify if you want to obtain this document before closing of the wages or after closing of wages. In the case of a request before closing: the information concerning the salary for the current month will not appear on your employer certificate. This certificate is only delivered to Luxembourg residents. The rule: a certificate by employer. The employer certificate before closing will be available in your MyAdecco space 48 hours maximum after receipt of your request. The one after closing, will be available from the 7th working day after closing of salaries..

Which document do I have to send to Adecco to receive my salary or an advance payment ?

We only accept RIBs in the name of the person who has worked for us. Make sure that your bank account number and your name are legible. Your IBAN number as well as the BIC code of your bank must appear on the document. Your RIB must mention your name and surname. No RIB will be accepted in the name of another person. In the case of a joint account, the bank details must clearly state "Mr and/or Mrs".

All requests for administrative documents should be sent to the following e-mail address: pool@adecco.lu or by telephone on + 352 48 25 51 236.

When you register, a MyAdecco account is systematically created with the email address you have given to us. An email containing your password is then sent to you in order to access your MyAdecco.

If you lose your password, a recovery email will be sent to your email address. To do this, simply enter your email address and click on the "forgotten password" link. An email containing your new password will be sent to the email address you entered previously.
Be careful in case of non-receipt, do not forget to check in your "Junk mail".

When will I receive it ?

Your contract is established and sent within 48 hours at the latest after the start of your assignment. It is sent to your home address by post.

What do I have to do with it ?

You must send us a signed copy by post without delay to the following address:
Adecco Service Administratif , 5 Place Count Basie, L-4367 BELVAL

Retention period ?

Your employment contract is to be kept without limit. It can be requested at any time of your life by organizations. Adecco Luxembourg retains contracts for 10 years, the legal obligatory duration in Luxembourg.

To whom and how do I send my time sheets ?

You must send us your time sheet completed and signed by your manager to the payroll department of the administrative pool by e-mail salaire@adecco.lu as soon as possible.

The law requires a medical examination for anyone signing an employment contract.
If you have not yet passed this examination, inform us and we will make an appointment for you. If you have already taken this examination for another company, please provide us with a copy of the medical fitness form.


You missed a medical examination ? Without a valid excuse? And without a cancellation claimed 48 hours before the appointment?

115 Euros will be deducted from your salary.

Who do I have to inform ?

You must inform your host company AND then your agency from the first day! Outside our opening hours, you need to leave us voicemail on our answering machine.

Where should I send my documents ?

In the case of illness, a medical certificate must imperatively be established from the first day of absence and the original employer's section of the medical certificate of incapacity for work ("Avis d'arrêt de travail" in French) must be sent to us within 3 days at the latest at the following address:
Adecco Service Administratif , 5 Place Count Basie, L-4367 BELVAL

Send the original pages of the certificate to the Caisse Nationale de Santé (National Health Insurance Fund) with your Luxembourg registration number. Sick days are covered if the documents are sent within the deadline.

Common Centre for Social Security CCSS
National Health Fund CNS
National Pension Insurance Fund CNAP
Children's Future Fund CAE
Administration of Jobs – ADEM ADEM
Direct Contribution AdministrationsIMPOT LU

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