Tricks to control your stress at work

Time constraints, objectives, responsibilities, excessive workload or long working days are part of the stressors. Beyond provoking complaints during the coffee break, stress has other consequences such as low productivity, difficulties in concentrating and memorizing, or work disorganization.

This is why it is fundamental to identify the causes of this stress and quickly find solutions to overcome it. Adecco suggests you the following tips.

Stress at Work

Set realistic goals

Accept the work you are able to achieve and set yourself reasonable goals. This will enable you to list your tasks in order of importance. Wanting to do several things simultaneously and realizing that you are not able to do it, is one of the stressors.

Have healthy habits

When you feel that stress takes over, do not head for an unhealthy diet (fast food), opt for a balanced diet and exercise, which will help you reduce your stress.

Also try to limit the consumption of stimulating drinks such as coffee and tea as well as energy drinks. These will make you more nervous. A good alternative is to drink decaffeinated coffee, relaxing infusions and plenty of water.


Relaxation techniques can help you reduce your stress level. Focusing on your breath for a few minutes, strolling around or even enjoying a meal are effective tricks.

Take a break

If you want to control your stress, it is very important to take breaks. In order to do this, Adecco advises you to take short breaks during your working day. Take advantage of these to breathe deeply and take a short walk. Of course, the workload will not disappear, but after a few minutes of “disconnecting”, you will face it differently.

Talk to your manager

Talking with your manager is the opportunity for you to know exactly what he or she expects from you. You can also suggest to apply changes to your tasks, or even present your working methods or ideas to improve the working environment within the company. Do not feel afraid to ask him a priority ranking for your various tasks so that you can organize better.

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