Way to Work

Let us show you the Way to Work !


Way to Work by The Adecco Group

Way to Work

We want to help you find your way to work – to give you tips for your job hunt and get you some work experience that will kick start you career. 

Why? Firstly, because we want to make sure that you hold onto your hopes and dreams for the future. Then, quite simply, because we know all about the world of work and we want to share this know-how with you. So, let us show you the way to work! Join us at one or all of the events we are organising just for you. We’re happy to have you on board.  

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Way to Work

Boost your career ! Become CEO1Month !

Youngsters from all over the world can apply for this unique opportunity to be global CEO for One Month, under the direct supervision of @AlainDehaze. The selected CEO for One Month will have the change to get a taste of how to run a multinational company with 32000 employees and over 20 billion euro in revenue.

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